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ABAJ at the Kate Pearl Tea Room

ABAJ at the Kate Pearl Tea Room

  • By - Sherry Palamarchuck
  • 30 October, 2021

Local friends, if you can't make it to a craft show, or you'd like to see A Bead Apart Jewelry pieces in person, you can find us at the Kate Pearl Tea Room in Westminster, Maryland!  Many times the pieces are exclusive to them.  The Kate Pearl is one of my favorite places to be, and here's why: 1) I love tea.  All kinds of tea.  And they have all kinds of deliciously creative blends imaginable there. 2) I love history, and the Kate Pearl resides in the beautiful historic William Winchester House, dating back to 1760. 3) I love food, and the Kate Pearl serves full service English style tea, complete with all the yummy trimmings. 4) Lastly, I love the owners, Becky and Jess, their family, and the rest of the awesome staff who keep the Kate Pearl running smoothly.

Find them here:

Kate Pearl Tea Room Website



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