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What Is Polish PickUp?

What Is Polish PickUp?

  • By - Sherry Palamarchuck
  • 24 October, 2021

Polish PickUp  is a monthly online pre-order collaboration sale of mainly indie nail polishes (and believe me, there are absolutely gorgeous polishes on there you won't find anywhere else), beauty products, some jewelry and accessories.

The sale opens the first Friday - Monday of each month. Each month has a different theme (voted on by customers), and each maker must create an exclusive product based on that theme and their personal inspiration for that theme. Most products are limited and often sell out.

Remember this is a pre-order. Once the sale closes, the makers have a deadline to make their product and get it into the hands of PPU headquarters where they will be consolidated and mailed out. It takes about 3 weeks after the sale closes for the items to be mailed out (with tracking).

For more information please head over to  For updates from the makers, the products being offered for the next monthly sale, and all things PPU, please join their private Facebook group (Polish Pickup Pack) and Instagram (@polishpickup) pages. 

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